Zinc Core Wick

During pouring and burning, Zinc core wick provides increased wick support since it is the most rigid of all cored wick. This wick type features a cotton outer braid of natural fibers surrounding a thin filament of zinc running up the wick’s center. Zinc core wick is known for its cool flame profile and its ability to remain upright in the molten wax pool. This wick is typically recommended for use in paraffin wax tealights, votive, pillar, and container candles. Wicks Unlimited carries two lead-free Zinc core wick options. 

Zinc Core™

Zinc Core™ Wick is a unique formulation that works in various candle applications, including votives, pillars, and containers. The jacket design is manufactured from 100% natural fibers and maintains superior rigidity in the molten wax pool.

Zinc Core

Constructed with an inner zinc core and a lead-free, cotton braid, this wick is often used in tealights, votives, pillars, and containers since it maximizes rigidity in the molten wax pool. Zinc Core Wick’s features are designed to help burn the coolest of all the cored wicks.

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