Wick Clip Assemblies

Wicks Unlimited is the leading U.S. based manufacturer and supplier of wick-clip assemblies. Our wick clip assemblies are all primed (pre-waxed) to your specifications and then using high-speed automated equipment manufactured to your exact length and sustainer requirements for optimal combustion.

Wicks Unlimited offers two crimping options: standard and signature. The standard crimp makes several small and one large piercing in the clip’s wall, providing a tight wick grip while simultaneously increasing the crimp’s overall tensile strength. In comparison, our signature proprietary non-puncturing crimping option enables candles to “shut off” at the end of life and will meet or exceed all standard operating requirements for crimp hold. Candle manufacturers rely on Wicks Unlimited for wick-clip assemblies to consistently achieve uniform wick height, prevent wick lean and stop tails.

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