Infinity Bond EasyMelt Hot Melt Glue Machine for Candle Making

InfinityBond-EasyMelt-Benchtop-hot glue machine for candle making

The Infinity Bond EasyMelt glue machine for candle making enables operators to scale production cost-effectively with this easy-to-operate machine. This benchtop machine ships with everything needed to get started immediately, including a bulk tank, foot pedal, nozzles, built-in shot timer, easy-to-use integrated temperature control switch, and more. The Infinity Bond EasyMelt glue machine has two main systems, the electrical control system and the heating system, including a hydraulic system and a pneumatic power system.

This benchtop hot melt glue machine features a 1.5-liter bulk hot melt tank. It is compatible with most hot melt adhesive formulations, including RT2315 hot melt candle glue carried by Wicks Unlimited with viscosity ranging from 500 to 20,000 cps. The easy-to-operate foot-actuated hot glue dispensing system allows for hands-free dispensing. At the same time, the built-in shot timer enables operators to repeat the same amount of hot melt adhesive accurately every time. An easy-to-use integrated temperature control switch on the bulk hot melt tank allows for quick temperature adjustment anywhere from 120℉ to 420℉. (50℃ to 250℃)

Pricing: $1,250 per unit


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Glossary of Terms


Measured in yards of wick per pound in weight. The higher the yield, the smaller the wick and the flame and the resulting heat generated.


The rate of wax consumption in ounces by the wick in one hour. The higher the burn rate the more wax which is being consumed. Used to determine how well a wick and wax combination is performing.

Chart Statistics

Chart statistics contributed by the manufacturer. These statistics should be viewed as reasonable estimates for comparison purposes only. Actual results should be determined on an application by application basis. The chart provides only general trends and results may vary depending upon blend, color, fragrance, wax and shape/size of the container.