Cored Wick

Cored candle wick features an outer braid that surrounds an inner core. Wicks Unlimited carries three types of cored candle wick with the following cores: cotton, paper, and zinc. To improve the wick’s rigidity, Wicks Unlimited pre-waxes the candle wick to your specification. This type of candle wick works well in container, votive, and pillar candle systems. 

Paper Core

Paper core wick remains one of the most popular wick options in the marketplace. Constructed of 100% natural fibers, the paper core wick features a cotton outer braid surrounding an inner paper filament. This wick type’s paper core enables the wick to remain rigid in the molten wax pool in various candle types, including in votives, pillars, and containers. Paper core wick’s burn characteristics make them ideal for slower-burning waxes, like soy that require additional heat for optimal combustion.

Zinc Core

During pouring and burning, the Zinc core wick provides increased wick support since it is the most rigid of all cored wick. This wick type features  a filament of zinc running up the wick’s center. Zinc core wick is known for its cool flame profile and its ability to remain upright in the molten wax pool. This wick is typically recommended for use in paraffin wax tealights, votive, pillar, and container candles.

Cotton Core

Cotton core wick is made of braided cotton strands dipped in wax and then compressed to hold their shape. This wick type produces a reliable and robust flame with minimal carbon buildup. It is designed for use in votive, pillar, and container candle systems. Wicks Unlimited carries a variety of cotton core wick types.


HP-CNP is a cellulose-based wick with a rigid paper core for increased stability engineered to meet the demands of today’s complex wax formulations, especially those with high scent throws. This round-cored wick is known for its stable burn cycle characteristics and is designed explicitly for scented wax formulations.


Constructed of 100% natural fibers, the Aroma-Lite™ wick is designed explicitly for candles with high scent throws. By design, this cored wick is self-trimming and inhibits mushroom capping, often found in candles with high-levels of fragrance.


This self-trimming wick is often used in paraffin wax, palm, and soy candles. Since the HP-N is self-trimming this is an option for candles with heavily scented wax blends. Made of 100% cellulose fibers, the long strands of tightly braided cotton help reduce afterglow.


RRD wick is a directional round wick featuring a 100% braided cotton core enabling the wick to curl slightly during the burn cycle. This wick series performs well with viscous fuels such as vegetable wax without clogging or drowning during capillary action. They are known within the candle industry for their consistent burn pool and flame profile in pillar and container candle systems with high fragrance loads.

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