Atkins & Pearce Candle Wick

Wicks Unlimited carries an inventory of over 125 different wicks from Atkins & Pearce’s extensive line of high-quality wicks. These wicks are available for just-in-time shipment.

Cotton Core Wick

Constructed from 100% natural fibers, Cotton Core™ Wick by Atkins & Pearce is often used in votives, pillars, and containers. A cotton outer braid surrounds an inner filament of cotton, increasing rigidity in the molten wax pool. Cotton Core™ Wick is to help reduce carbon build-up during the burn cycle.

Paper Core Wick

The Paper Core™ Wick series features a cotton outer braid surrounding the inner filament of papers. These wicks are commonly used in votives, pillars, and containers and constructed with 100% natural fibers. The Paper Core™ Wick produces a less aggressive flame than the cotton core wick but offers more rigidity.

Zinc Core Wick

Zinc Core Wick is a unique formulation that works in various candle applications, including votives, pillars, and containers. These wicks offer the most rigidity of all cored wicks in the molten wax pool.

HTP Wick

HTP™ Wick features a blend of high-performance fibers and natural materials to form a flat braid. These high-performance fibers provide additional structural strength, controlled curling, and a hotter, more efficient flame. The HTP™ Wick is an excellent alternative in hard-to-burn applications, such as paraffin and vegetable candles that require hotter burn conditions.

Aroma-Lite Wicks

Aroma-Lite™ Wick features a blend of all-natural cellulose braided textiles that help reduce and inhibit carbon heading and burn in candles with high fragrance levels. This blend of all-natural braided textiles is designed especially for those tough-to-burn container and pillar systems.


Performa Wicks

Constructed with 100% natural fibers, the Performa™ Wick promotes a more symmetrical wax pool and self-trimming posture. Its reinforced design provides increased rigidity in the wax pool, perfect for those tough-to-burn beeswaxes and viscous waxes. The Performa™ Wick is appropriate for applications such as tapers, pillars, beeswax, viscous waxes, and medium to large containers.

Square Braided Wicks

Square Braided™ Wick is a unique formulation that works in various candle applications, including tealights, votives, pillars, and containers. The wicks curl while burning, thus minimizing carbon build-up. Its open construction and chemical treatment process make it an excellent choice for waxes that are highly viscous when melted, like beeswax and vegetable wax.

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