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Wicks Unlimited supplies RT2315 hot melt candle glue specially designed to secure and anchor wick clip assemblies to the inside of empty candle containers. RT2315 glue has been successfully tested to withstand the high temperatures at the bottom of the candle’s container during the final burn cycles towards the end of life. This glue’s heat resistance also minimizes the chance of wick sustainer migration, the phenomenon where the wick can slide during end-of-life burn cycles.

The melting point of RT2315 is approximately 320ºF. It features a short open time, enabling candle manufacturers to begin instantaneous liquid wax filling. The softening point of this glue is approximately 290ºF allowing the wick clip assembly to remain safely anchored and centered, even when the burn pool’s temperature is elevated.

RT2315 candle glue is formulated to substantially reduce glue spider webbing during production. With the hot melt glue at the optimal operating temperature and the related machinery at optimal operating temperature(s) (Tank 325ºF, Hose 345ºF, and Nozzle 350ºF), RT2315 glue deposits are precise, repeatable, and clean without the stringing associated with other hot melt glues not designed for candle applications. This candle glue works best in conjunction with glue-depositing machinery featuring zero cavity nozzles.

Wicks Unlimited supplies and ships RT2315 hot melt candle glue in bulk packaging in quantities starting at 50 lbs.

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PropertiesTemp ℃Nominal ValueSI Unit Temp ℉Nominal ValueEnglish Unit ASTM Test Method
Melt Viscosity 1494300MPa s3004300cpsD 3236
1632800MPa s3252800cpsD 3236
1772000MPa s3502000cpsD 3236
1901500MPa s3751500cpsD 3236
2041100MPa s4001100cpsD 3236
Needle Penetration25251/10 mmD 1321
Tensile Strength 230.57MPa 83psiD 638
Softening Point by Ring and Ball138280E 28
Shear Adhesion Faliure Temp. (SAFT). Kraft/Kraft101214REXtac Method**
Glass Transition, TG-29-20D 3417
Open Time, Kraft/Kraft2520SecondsREXtac Method**
Flashpoint, COC >235>450D 93
Solid Density 250.86g/ccD 792
Melt Density 1900.74g/cc3756.17lbs/galREXtac Method**
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Glossary of Terms


Measured in yards of wick per pound in weight. The higher the yield, the smaller the wick and the flame and the resulting heat generated.


The rate of wax consumption in ounces by the wick in one hour. The higher the burn rate the more wax which is being consumed. Used to determine how well a wick and wax combination is performing.

Chart Statistics

Chart statistics contributed by the manufacturer. These statistics should be viewed as reasonable estimates for comparison purposes only. Actual results should be determined on an application by application basis. The chart provides only general trends and results may vary depending upon blend, color, fragrance, wax and shape/size of the container.