About Us

Wick’s Unlimited is the global leader in candle combustion solutions and technical services. In July 2000, historic fastener company Stimpson acquired Wicks Unlimited. Together they have grown the business into a domestic and international leader that offers the candle industry high-quality products, innovative candle wick engineering, and wick optimized combustion solutions.

Wicks Unlimited provides waxed wick on reels, wick-clip assemblies, sustainers, and technical support for the global candle industry. We are located in the 280,000 square foot manufacturing and distribution facility of our parent company Stimpson in Pompano Beach, Florida. At Wicks Unlimited, our team of industry experts is what makes our technical support so highly sought after in the candle industry.

Wicks Unlimited also works closely with the candle industry, keeping its finger on the pulse of its ever-changing demands by supporting and participating in The National Candle Association, The Latin American Candle Manufacturers Association, and ASTM Subcommittees.
Candle manufacturers worldwide depend on Wicks Unlimited unrivaled quality, expert customer service, and on-time delivery.

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and accredited by the Quality Association for Candles, quality is nothing less than providing the best product in the marketplace, supported by our candle lab technicians and expert customer service team.

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