Wedo RRD Wicks

candle wicks on reels

The RRD Wick is a directional, round wick constructed from a 100% braided cotton core, giving the wick a slight curl during combustion. Its ability to provide a concentric burn pool makes it especially useful in pillars and container candles. Apart from pillars and containers, the RRD Wick works well with viscous fuels such as vegetable wax. This wick is engineered to help minimize or eliminate mushrooming and smoke.


Wick DesignationYield
Flame Height
Pool Diameter
RRD 29 NST 25480.131.11.8
RRD 34 NST 24680.191.32
RRD 37 NST 24350.211.52
RRD 40 NST 23550.231.62.3
RRD 47 NST 23440.271.82.4
RRD 50 NST 23230.291.92.5
RRD 55 NST 22940.312.12.8
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Glossary of Terms


Measured in yards of wick per pound in weight. The higher the yield, the smaller the wick and the flame and the resulting heat generated.


The rate of wax consumption in ounces by the wick in one hour. The higher the burn rate the more wax which is being consumed. Used to determine how well a wick and wax combination is performing.

Chart Statistics

Chart statistics contributed by the manufacturer. These statistics should be viewed as reasonable estimates for comparison purposes only. Actual results should be determined on an application by application basis. The chart provides only general trends and results may vary depending upon blend, color, fragrance, wax and shape/size of the container.