Waxed Wick on Reels

Wicks Unlimited’s pre-waxed wick on a fully recyclable cardboard reel is the perfect product for your automated “in-line” cut, tab, and glue candle manufacturing machinery. With 3,000 yards (2.743 meters) of wick per reel, your factory will run smoothly and efficiently with our perfectly waxed wick, not to mention how much more consistently your candle will burn with our proprietary waxing process.

Technical Services

Our expert lab technicians will provide confidential preliminary wick optimizations and combustion problem solving for our customers. Our busy lab is not only a place of technical assistance but also of continual learning.

Wick Clip Assemblies

When you need wick-clip assemblies, then Wicks Unlimited is your premier source. Our assemblies are manufactured to your exact length, sustainer, and wick-wax requirements. If you want your candle to “shut off” at the top of the sustainer every time, then our proprietary non-puncturing cropping option will do the job, provided your wick is thoroughly glued to the bottom of the container.

Make & Hold Program

Our customers participating in the Make-and-Hold Program are provided guaranteed same or next day shipping of their most critical waxed wick on reel or wick-clip assembly requirements, going a long way to meet just-in-time challenges.

Just-in-Time Delivery
 To Our Customer Across The Globe


For over 20 years, Wicks Unlimited has built domestic and international clients through innovative products, technical services, and customer care.


With over 400 unique wick designs and sizes in-stock, Wicks Unlimited has the perfect wick for your candle’s optimal combustion performance.


Wicks Unlimited’s popular waxed wick on reels is 3,000 yards long and ensures your factory will run smoothly and efficiently.


Wicks Unlimited has waxed, cut, and tabbed 235,795 miles of candlewick since 1999. That’s enough candlewick to wrap around the earth 9 1/2 times or stretch from Pompano Beach Florida to the moon!