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All about Combustion, Common Burn Issues, and how to choose the right Candle Wick, Wax, and Clip. more ...

For flawless and consistent burn, choose wicks unlimited for your candle wicking needsSeven great reasons to choose Wicks Unlimited for your andle wiking needsOur service,friendly test burning lab, free samples, and more Our production equipment, custom designed for quality and speed Our unique tab crimping, for tighter grip and increased strength Our vast wick selection, wicks by Atkins and Pearce, Wedo, Heinz and Wicks Unlimited Our tabs, thicker guage steel with various neck lengths Our wax selection, standard, high paraffin or 100% soy based wax Make and Hold contracts, guaranteed next day shipping on your critical candle  assemblies
Candle wicks by Wedo, Atkins and Pearce, Heinz, and Wicks Unlimited

Wicks by Atkins & Pearce, Wedo, Heinz, and São Vitor, designed for flawless burn. more...

flame out wicks from Wicks Unlimited, for enhanced end-of-life safety

With our optional non-puncturing crimp, your candle's flame is extinguished at the top of the wick tab, enhancing end-of-life safety. more ....

Wood Wicks at wicks unlimited,

Our Wood Wick is 100% natural and organic. It is clean burning and works with all wax types.

Enjoy the gentle sounds of a crackling wood flame. more ...