São Vitor’s High-Performance​​ Natural Flat Wick | HP-NF

candle wicks on reels

High-Performance Cotton Natural Flat Wicks by São Vitor are constructed using a blend of long strand tightly braided cotton and natural fibers. These wicks were developed for soy/paraffin blends and combine burning properties of natural fibers and the hot throw characteristics of cotton wicks.


Wick DesignationYield
Flame Height
Pool Diameter
HP 525 NF5250.10.911.5
HP 444 NF4440.130.981.57
HP 375 NF3750.130.981.65
HP 365 NF3650.141.021.65
HP 338 NF3380.141.021.77
HP 331 NF3310.141.021.77
HP 269 NF2690.171.381.97
HP 225 NF2250.21.382.28
HP 210 NF2100.191.382.28
HP 188 NF1880.211.652.36
HP 166 NF1660.221.772.4
HP 158 NF1580.231.772.68
HP 156 NF1560.241.972.68
HP 151 NF1510.241.972.68
HP 148 NF1480.251.972.68
HP 143 NF1430.262.012.68
HP 141 NF1410.262.012.76
HP 134 NF1340.262.012.76
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Glossary of Terms


Measured in yards of wick per pound in weight. The higher the yield, the smaller the wick and the flame and the resulting heat generated.


The rate of wax consumption in ounces by the wick in one hour. The higher the burn rate the more wax which is being consumed. Used to determine how well a wick and wax combination is performing.

Chart Statistics

Chart statistics contributed by the manufacturer. These statistics should be viewed as reasonable estimates for comparison purposes only. Actual results should be determined on an application by application basis. The chart provides only general trends and results may vary depending upon blend, color, fragrance, wax and shape/size of the container.