What is the Difference Between Cored and Flat Braided Wick?

What is the Difference Between Cored and Flat Braided Wick?

Wick is arguably the most essential and critical component of a candle. The wick provides fuel (wax) to the flame, working like a fuel pump drawing liquid wax up through the wick to the flame by a process known as capillary action, creating combustion. Aesthetically a candle wick is a bundle of fibers loosely twisted, knitted, or braided together depending on the particular wick type. 

While there are various wick types and styles on the market, several factors impact the wick purchasing decision, such as wax type, candle size, color, fragrance, and shape. To follow is a brief explanation of the two most common wick types: cored or sometimes referred to as round wick and flat braided wick.

Different Types Of Wicks

Cored (Round) Wicks
Cored (round) wicks are often used in candles that need a self-supporting wick like votives, novelties, pillars, and containers. Round wick comes in a variety of core types, including paper, zinc, and natural cellulose fibers,. Within these wick types, zinc is more rigid than cotton and paper. It is recommended to utilize pre-waxed cored wick for increased rigidity.

Flat Braided Wicks
Another popular wick type are flat braided wicks, often used in pillar, taper and container candle systems. This braid type features a unique design that bends when flamed, providing a self-trimming wick effect while reducing the carbon at the top of the flame, allowing the candle to burn evenly.

Selecting the Ideal Wick for Your Candle System
When selecting the ideal wick type for your candle system, these factors impact your selection and the overall combustion:

  • Fuel (wax) type
  • The melting point of the wax
  • The diameter (size) of the candle
  • Candle’s shape
  • Candle’s design
  • The percentage and type of fragrance oil
  • The colorant percentage and type (powder, liquid, color block, dye chip)

When selecting the ideal wick for your candle, it is vital to pay attention to all of the components above that go into the design of the candle. Matching the right family of wick, and then the right size of the wick, is critical to optimize each candle’s unique properties. The best wick is the key element for each candle’s burning efficiency.

Benefits of Selecting the Right Wick
Selecting the proper wick enables candle manufacturers to provide their customers candle’s with the following benefits:

  • Steady flame size
  • Moderate temperature
  • Minimal, if any, blooming (carbon deposits)
  • Maximum efficient burn pool formation
  • Minimal after-glow once the candle is extinguished

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