Combustion 101


Liquid wax diffuses into the wick saturating the cotton fibers.

Capillary Action:

The fuel moves up the wick as it is consumed through the process of capillary action.

Candle-Capillary Action

Vaporization of Fuel:

The flame’s heat vaporizes the liquid fuel to begin the combustion process.


Candle Combustion-Vaporization of fuel-01 (1)

Incomplete Combustion:

All candle flames have varying degrees of complete and incomplete combustion.

Fuel Reduction:

Mushrooming, carbon capping, or carbon deposits are the result of unburned fuel and soot accumulating on the end of the wick.

Ideal Complete Combustion:

All combustion takes place on the outside edge of the flame where oxygen and heat are at their maximum.

Candle Combustion Ideal Complete Combustion

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